Thursday, September 14, 2006

Laura's Pet Portraits website updates

This afternoon I have been working on the website. I love working on the website, I find it really good fun. I hand code everything and it never ceases to make me smile to change something in 'notepad' then click refresh in the browser, and as if by magic it's changed. Clever, huh!! (Not me, whoever it was that invented html in the first place.)

I have changed my work in progress pages, and have added the Graphite Labrador Retriever and the Watercolour Pencil Golden Retriever. I have also changed the images on my homepage, and added a little 'news' box at the bottom, which I will update at least weekly with new developments. Mention people portraits for the first time. I need to work on the order form and information pages for those, but will do that over the next few weeks. Follow the links below to look at the changes:

  • Pet Portraits home page

  • Pet Portraits Labrador work in progress

  • Pet Portraits Golden Retriever work in progress

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