Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Boxer dog work in progress #2

Well now it is the end of the day and i've done some more of the Boxer dog. I have amended the pictures in the work in progress on the website, to show the latest stage, but still leave room for one more before the final one. I like to try and make it quite a gradual progress. I may get him finished tomorrow. Here is the picture at the moment.

My customers came today to look at my drawings, which was a bit nerve - wracking, felt like a job interveiw, but they were happy with what they saw and impressed with my Newfoundland drawing, so now I will have two to draw when I have gone to take the dog's photographs. This won't be for another week or so, as they are going away next week, but i'm looking forward to it. I really like big dogs, can't wait to meet two Newfies.

To expand my range of 'portfolio' drawings I put some pictures on my 'to do' list that are of particularly nice reference photographs or cute subjects, so I will have something to show in the future. I will try and get one started tomorrow, I have two cat drawings on the list, as I need practice with cats and some examples on the website to show I can draw other pets as well as dogs.


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