Monday, October 09, 2006

First Scottish Pet Portrait!

Hooray, I'm back online!! I have been really busy but have finally emptied my last box and found a bit of time for some Pet Portraits and some website updates. Here's my latest finished portrait, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

I have also been updating the website. I have added my two latest pet portraits, the Labrador Retreiver and the Cavalier to the Pet Portraits Gallery with their own individual pages, and I have updated the Pet Portraits Work in Progress with the step by step images from the work on the pic above.


At 8:28 pm , Blogger Sandra Palme said...

Hi Laura,
Thank you so much for your comment...yaaaaaaay my first COMMENT!! I love your two latest pieces...the lab and and the KCS. Their eyes look so real..could look at them forever. Keep up the great work!
Cheers Sandra
P.S. And hey, if the shed is about a tent in your garden then?!?! ;o)


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