Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pets at Home

I got a job today!! What?? I hear you cry - I thought you did Pet Portraits? Well, I do, but at the moment, as I am just starting out really I also need a part time job to pay the mortgage. So, as from today I am employed at the new Wick branch of the pet super store Pets at Home. It's opening on the 19th November and I have several training days and a weekend in Inverness to learn about the products and the pets in store. Today I have been reading about parasites - eurgh! worms, just gross! I will be working from 7 - 11 Monday to Friday which is fantastic, and means I'll be one of them cleaning out the animals. And I'll also have lots of time for drawing still, so I am really pleased.


At 10:35 am , Blogger Tracy Hall said...

Fantastic news, laura - and what better place for a pet portrait artist to work?!!

At 12:18 pm , Blogger Laura said...

I know, all those potential customers. I'm really excited about it and all the training is really interesting!
Laura's Pet Portraits


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