Thursday, October 26, 2006

Scottish weather

When I moved up to Scotland, lots of people said, 'what do you want to live there for, it always rains'. Well it doesn't always, the first two weeks we were here were really nice, but it has made up for it today and yesterday!! We currently have a storm hitting us with 40 - 50mph winds and driving rain. Poor Caithness has had houses flooded, landslides, loads of fields flooded and roads closed, as has the rest of the northern Highlands.

I am a little bit nervous at the moment, I don't like wind at the best of times - but today the glass in the windows in the conservatory are flexing and the rain is blowing in though a gap between the wood and the window. Everything is creaking and rattling - it's not nice.

The amount of water was astounding this morning. In the next village to us the road was closed because the water was running out the fields down a little road, straight across it and into someones house. We drove up the hill, and there was water flooding out the fields for about a mile up it! It's just pouring out of fields and already full ditches, running across the roads like fords, and back into the fields the other side. I've never seen anything like it!

Well I took some pictures, they don't show the full scale, but they give you an idea.

This is Wick River in full flow.

This is Wick River bursting it's banks at high tide and flooding the park. You can see a picnic bench surrounded by water. The park is right next to Somerfield (below) which had the car park, and I think the store, flooded. The river wall is just beyond where the blue car is parked in the car park pic below.

These two are of a smaller river that feeds into Wick River near where we live. As you can see this is flooding the fields really badly.


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