Monday, October 30, 2006

Website award

I am very pleased with myself today. My website has gained it's first award. It is a Pet Portraits web award, awarded by Melanie Phillips of They are only for pet, art and craft websites and each website is visited personally by Melanie for at least 10 minutes and she checks for navigation, speed of pages loading, aesthetics, use of pop ups and meta tags plus many other things.

Melanie's Pet Portraits web awards have their own website here at, with each website listed with a link and a short description. Mine is on page 10 if you want to have a look, but here is what Melanie said about my site:
"Laura's website is very professional, i have visited Laura's site many times and she keeps her site fresh looking and updates it regularly so there's always something new to see. I'd recommend anyone to bookmark this site! ".
Obviously i'm really pleased about those comments, my award is on my homepage for everyone to see.


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