Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wick, Northern Scotland photographs

As you know I have recently moved to Milton, which is near Wick. Now all the boxes are unpacked and i've showed you some pet portraits I thought i'd share some photographs of Wick, which is about half a mile from Milton where I live.

These two pictures are both of Wick Harbour, which was originally built by the British Fisheries Scoiety during the Herring Fishing boom.

This photograph is of an outdoor pool in Wick, which i've not discovered yet if it's used or not.

These two images show the Wick River which runs straight through the cenre of Wick.

Both of these pictures are taken from my house. The top one is the view from the side of the house, looking up Stemster Hill, and the bottom one is looking behind the house towards Wick.

I hope you enjoyed these photographs, no doubt I will have more to share soon.


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