Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Out of the Sandbox!!

Hooray, I am sooo excited my website has finally come out of the Google sandbox and appears in the listings for the search term 'pet portraits'. I'm on page #2. I've only just fiund out after looking on a SEO forum and several people were saying their sites came out of the sandbox on 24th Novemebr, so I thought i'd check and there it was. Woohoo!!


At 6:29 pm , Blogger Heather said...

HI Laura,
What do you mean by saying it your site came out of the sandbox?

At 8:42 pm , Blogger Laura said...

Hi Heather, Google have what is known as a Sandbox for new websites. You get put in the sandbox for the main search term(s) you're targeting and still get indexed for less relevant terms. It's Google's way of stopping new sites launching, getting hundreds of links really quickly and getting to the top of the search listings, it's so linking from other sites is developed naturally. Not everyone gets put in it, one way i've read of avoiding it is to use different search terms in your link anchor texts, not just concentrating on one, so Google sees the links as developing naturally. The average time for staying in there is from 6 - 12 months. If you search for sandbox or go on SEO forums there is lots of information. Wow, what a waffly reply, sorry!! Laura xx

At 6:06 pm , Blogger pet-portrait-artist said...

Hi Laura, FANTASTIC! I was just searching google and found you on page two and then read your blog! Nice one! Glad you are out of the sandbox!!!
mel xx


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