Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pet Portraits Forum Administrator

I got myself another job today - a volantary one this time, as an administrator for the Pet Portraits forum I am a member of. The forum is here at: It is quite busy with just over 200 registered users and everyone is very helpful with critiques and comments on each other's artwork and suggestions to overcome problems. It also has a reference library of dogs, horses, cats, other animals as well as backgrounds.

I have been a member since March when it was only young, and it's owner Melanie Philips said she was very busy with it, so I offered my services. It was very trusting of her to do this because as an administrator I can get into the admin areas of the forum and delete users and posts, so I am really proud she felt she could trust me and that I had the know how to use the system without wiping out the whole forum!! So my new role involves watching the forum for naughty posts, users trying to sell porn, get rich schemes, software or the like and delete these users and their posts, so keeping the foum a nice place to visit.


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