Sunday, January 14, 2007

Gallery changes

The Gallery has been reorganised. I thought I had enough artwork in the gallery now to arrange it into a graphite pencil gallery and a coloured pencil gallery. I think this will help customers who know if they want a colour or black and white portrait to search through more relevant examples. And it's still easy to browse through if people are unsure of which medium they want.

I have also added a page for my ACEO's which I am going to be concentrating on this year to gain a little extra income. So the two I didn't sell on ebay are now for sale on my website.

The new pages are here:

Coloured Pencil Pet Portraits Gallery

Graphite Pencil Pet Portraits Gallery



At 7:06 pm , Blogger Tracy Hall said...

Hi Laura, the new galleries look great! One thing - the graphite link led to your home page not the graphite page?

Best of luck with the acoe pictures!

At 12:55 pm , Blogger Laura said...

Hi Tracy, thanks for that, it's now changed! Fingers cross on ACEO's.


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