Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Pets

I now have two new additions to my animal family - two rats. I know some people don't like rats, I think it's the tails, but they make great pets. They are lively and intelligent and really friendly. They can even be trained to come when called. We've got two girls, Fudge, who Steve has decided is his, and Treacle. They are both Hooded, which is the name of the marking, and their colours are Agouti and Champagne. Here is a picture, Treacle is the darker (Agouti) one, Fudge is the paler (Champagne) one.


At 5:35 pm , Blogger Tracy Hall said...

Hi Laura - they are so sweet! I think the tails are the best bit...!

At 3:37 pm , Blogger pet-portrait-artist said...

They are gorgeous! :)


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