Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Getting Organised

Today I decided that I was going to get myself organised because I am spending far too much time surfing the internet and generally wasting time when I should be drawing or working on the website. So I have set myself hours a day that are 'work hours'. These are between half twelve and five and between these hours I will be drawing. Even if I don't have any Pet Portraits to work on I can be doing practise pieces, learning new mediums or doing artwork for my dog breed gifts. Once a week I will allocate a day to spend working on the website or SEO if I'm not really busy with commissions. This gives me enough time to have dinner and sort out my rabbits when i get in from my part-time job and gives me 4 and a half hours drawing. I tried it for the first time today, and it was amazing how much I got done just by sitting down with a pro-active mindset, knowing I had to draw until five.

Tommorow I will be able to show you my lateset finished commission, as it was a gift for a Birthday today, so by tommorrow the recipient will have seen it and I won't be ruining any surprises inadvertently. Untill then... Happy Valentines Day!!


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