Saturday, March 31, 2007

Day out in the Highlands

I'm always moaning on at Steve that he never takes me out at the weekend because he never feels like driving after driving miles during the week for his job, so today he took me to work with him. We went to Kinbrace first, which is a small village - it has a village school that has 3 pupils! Here are some photographs

I liked the look of this house - Steve wasn't too impressed because of the tin roof - but I am a bit fascinated with disused old buildings. I peered in the windows of this one and it was full of old bicycles and hay bales and in what was once the kitchen there were dozens of empty jam jars and an old ketchup bottle!

But what really made me fall in love with it was the garden was right nect to the river which had a lovely shingle beach sloping down to the water. I love rivers - I find them so peaceful and relaxing, I could sit next to a river and watch the world go by all day, especially on a day like today when it was warm and still, heaven!

After Kinbrace we went up to the north coast to Bettyhill and Melvich, then headed on home. After a lovely trip out we arrived home to this:

Yes - the dogs emptied the bin while we were out and threw the contents all over the kitchen and hall floors. Bless 'em. Steve's Boxers did this regularly when they were puppies. I can imagine the conversation between our dogs when they realised we'd been out for longer than usual:
Boys - they've been out for a while, we're bored, what can we do?
Girls - well we used to play with the bin when we were puppies.
Boys - play with the bin? how does that work then?
Girls - well you just tip it over and spread the contents everywhere, eat anything edible and chew up anything that isn't.
Boys - that sounds like fun - lets do it!

Anyway we'd had a lovely day and I couldn't be cross with them - I was just so amazed that they'd done - the little monsters!

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