Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Golden Retriever - something different

I have been working on something a bit different today - I have been thinking for a while about trying a new style of drawing - something a bit cartoon-like and simple and quicker to do. Not instead of my detailed stuff, just as an extra - probably for the ACEO's so I had a try out today on a Golden Retriever picture:

It's only small, just over 4" x 3" and drawn with coloured pencil and a fine pen. I like the outline and I think it's recognisable but the eyes aren't level and both the eyes and the nose are too small, but other than that i'm reasonably pleased with it. By making the eyes and nose bigger I think this will add to the cartoon-like style as well. This time I drew the outline last, but ended up with some pencil lines showing so next time I will draw the pen outline before doing the colour. Watch this space for some more....

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