Monday, March 05, 2007

Tortoiseshell cat in coloured pencil

I started a new project today, the Mother's Day present I mentioned before. It's a coloured pencil drawing of our old cat Motley for my Mum. Mum and Dad got Motley before me and my Sister were born, so we grew up with her, she was a gorgeous friendly cat. Sadly she had to be put to sleep about 12 years ago. I remember going with Mum to the vets and sitting in the reception crying my eyes out. I thought I would do a drawing of her for my Mum as I wanted to give her a really special present that will mean something personal to her.

I have drawn Motley in coloured pencil, because of her gorgeous tortoiseshell colouring I just couldn't draw her in black and white. Here she is so far:

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