Thursday, March 08, 2007

Website Design

Today I spent some time working on the new website design. It's looking pretty good and i'm quite pleased with it so far. I have done most of the layout design, just need to style the navigation bar, then I will need to amend all my pages with the new navigation and a few bits of different code. My website is handcoded in HTML and CSS just using notepad. It took me a while to learn it but I really enjoyed it and love playing about with the design. I like the fact that I have access to all the code and can change all of it if need be - so much more control.

I use CSS to control the layout and look of the design, so I just need to make one change to the style sheet regarding the layout or a change of colour and the change happens site wide. I still get excited when I have a web page with no layout or colours - just blue links, Times New Roman font and everything all in one long line - and I just add a few little bits of code to the style sheet and press refresh in the browser and everything changes! Some little changes make a huge impact. I find a font change makes a big impact, and changing the background and text colours can also drastically improve a design.

Anyway - enough waffling - maybe one day I'll organise myself and do a little intro to CSS.

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