Monday, April 23, 2007

More Excitement

Well I had an excitement packed weekend. After the fun with the cars Friday and Saturday, I thought Sunday would be a nice relaxing day - but no! Steve decided he'd get started sorting out the Surf, so was taking a hose off of a spare engine sat on a pallet, when the engine slipped and wedged his hand between the engine and knife he was using to remove the hose. He came in the house, and called upstairs to me, "Honey, can you take me to the Hospital!". Charged downstairs to find him filling the sink with blood, attempting to mop himself up with kitchen roll, trail of blood from the back door. So I gave him a tea towel with my eyes shut (i'm not good with blood) and drove him down the hospital, which is in Wick, about 2 minutes from our house. He'd managed to cut the side of his little finger in a curve. Apparently it was really deep, he could see all the insides of his finger, all the funny pink stuff. I didn't look, he told me all this while I was driving to the hospital with my stomach churning. He had 7 stitches and got bandaged up and sent home. They were very quick. Only took about hour and a half from him doing it to getting home again. He managed to take it easy for about 2 hours then thought he'd go and put the hose on the car! So, of course, it started bleeding again, so I sent him back up the hospital and he'd managed to pull out one of the stitches. The doc said he'd be ok though, and it hurt more last night after coming back from the hospital the second time than it had earlier, so I think it taught him a lesson.

And on a happier note, my car now seems to be fine. The alternator is working, took it out Sunday and no flashing lights. Hmm. Fingers crossed it stays that way!


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