Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pet Rat Photos

Well, as promised here are some photographs of my two new rats. They met Treacle and Charlotte today. I used the Bathroom as neutral territory and they got on ok. There was lots of bum sniffing and forced grooming accompanied by a few little squeaks from the babies, but that's all very normal, and I'm really pleased as there was no blood or fighting. Tommorrow I will put them together in the bathroom again, and if they're ok like they were today I shall move them into Treacle and Charlotte's play pen and see how they get on when the territory's not neutral.

Here are the pictures: This is Doughnut. She's a Cinnamon hooded and seems to be the quieter of the two, though she's still very friendly

This is Tinkerbell. She's a Mink Roan and as she gets older will lose her grey colouring and probably go completely white. She is the more adventurous of the two. Today in the bathroom she was off with Treacle exploring.

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