Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shell Beach

My parents-in-law are staying with us at the moment so we are showing them a few of the sights. We had an absoloutely beautiful day today - blue skies, hardly any wind and lovely and warm, so we went to Shell Beach after tea to walk the dogs. Shell Beach is between John O' Groats and Duncansby Head and is so called beacuse the sand is made up of broken shells. It's amazing, i've never seen anything like it. I took loads of photographs, here is just a few. Enjoy!

This one is on Macro setting on my camera, and is a close-up of the shells.

Footsteps in the sand: I likes the footprints the dogs and us and the birds had made in the sand. Another one playing around with the macro setting.

This one I just liked the angle of the rocks - just playing with diagonal lead-in lines.

This is Jerry, my Springer Spaniel. I thought it was a nice arty-farty shot of the dog!

And this last one, I just loved the shape and smoothness of the rocks, again playing with diagonal lines.

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