Sunday, April 15, 2007

Two new Pets!

I collected two new additions today to our Pet family - two baby ratties!! They are 8 and a half weeks old and are rescues from a litter from a doe who was sold pregnant by a Pet Shop. They are two girls, one is a cinnamon hooded, the other is a mink roan. The Mink is the colour, the roan means she is fading, so she looks grey and white and will eventually be all white. Steve has taken the Roan girl as his own and called her Tinkerbell, and I have named the cinnamon one Doughnut, as all I could think of when cinnamon was mentioned was Apple and Cinnamon doughnuts!! They are settling in really well, considering they had a five hour car trip to get here. They are incredibly friendly, already climbing out onto my hand and happily eating and bouncing about the cage like nutters. I can definitely see a difference between these home-reared babies and Treacle and Charlotte who were from the Pet Shop. They were so much more timid. The size difference is also really obvious. As I said, Doughnut and Tinkerbell are 8 and a half weeks and they are bigger than what Charlotte and Treacle were when I brought them home at 12 - 13 weeks. I didn't want to scare them with the camera tonight, but tommorrow I will post some photographs.

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