Saturday, April 21, 2007

Websites and Cars

The last couple of days I have spent a lot of time working on my new website design. I have completed all of the Pet Portrait Commission pages, and now am working on the Shop. I've done most of the front product pages, just the detailed ones to go and a couple of new information pages to build. I'm pleased with how it's going, and I may even have it up and running by the end of April.

The other thing I seem to have been doing a lot of is stressing over cars! Steve collected a new (to him, at least!) Toyota Hi-Lux Surf yesterday evening. The guy selling it delivered it to Inverness, all the way from Perth, arriving about 7.45pm, so Steve was driving up to Wick last night and about half nine, I get a phone call, " Honey, i've broken down, can you come out with a torch and some water". So off I go, and when I get there we pour a load of water into the engine and Steve says, "I can hear water", and yes, you guessed it, it's running out of the engine, all over the floor. After a brief search he discovers a massive spilt in the top hose, so he called the trusty RAC man, who towed him home, arriving eventually at midnight! He thinks it's due to an air lock in the system as the temperature guage was going up and down eratically and the heater didn't get hot, which are apparently signs pointing at an air lock.

So, due to Steve collecting the new vehicle, I had to take him to work this morning as his van was still at work, and I decided to take a little scenic jaunt on the way home and my car has decided she doesn't like scenic jaunts and threw a wobbly. There i was, happily driving along when there was a little click, I looked down at the dash and the rev counter has dropped to zero, the oil light's flashing and the battery light's come on, all in one go! So I stop the car, check the oil. There's still plenty there and she's not sounding all rattly. I've driven her often enough with little or no oil to know what she sounds like with no oil! I look underneath - no drips. I know diesel cars can go without electric, so if the battery is flat it's not a problem, as long as the car starts. Well, she did, so I decided to risk it and drive home. I stopped again to check the oil and also the fan belt which are both fine and decided it must be an electrical problem. I then spent the rest of the drive home panicing that there was a wire melting somewhere that was going to set the car on fire! Well it didn't and i'm home safe, as you can tell. Steve thinks it's probably the alternator.

I shall keep you posted!


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