Sunday, May 20, 2007

Highland Wildlife Park

As I said on Friday, my sister is with us for a few days, so yesterday, the two of us went out for the day to the Highland Wildlife Park at Kincraig. It's a long way from Wick - took about 3 hours to get therebut it is a really nice little park. It is concentrating at the moment on wildlife that either curently lives in the Scottish Highlands, or did at one time, though in the future it is expanding to include animals that live in mountain terrains from around the world. The highlight for mw was their small pack of wolves. The have a fairly large enclosure built on the side of the hill, with rocks and trees and they have a platform that goes out into the middle of the enclosure , so you can look down on the wolves and take photos without the fencing in the way. Here are a couple I took. These have both been cropped - I really must get myself a camera with a really long zoom!

And where else could you visit a wildlife park and have views like this:

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