Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Home alone again!

Took my sister down to the airport in Inverness today and sat down for tea just Steve and I for the first time in nearly a month, as we have had visitors with us since 27th April. It was sad to see Carly go - she was only here 5 days and I felt really quite lost and lonely when i'd said goodbye to her.

Yesterday we went to John O' Groats and while we were there had a look round the relatively new Craft Centre. There's a candle shop, woollen shop, fripperies and a beautiful pottery. There is also an empty unit up there which caught my attention. I keep having images in my head now of my own little gallery with an area for me to work in front of the public and prints and gifts and postcards etc on sale, as well as originals. It's just a dream at the moment, but you know how some things stick in your head - well this has stuck in mine and I think needs further thinking about!

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