Sunday, June 10, 2007

Filing and Gallery updates

This morning I had a tidy up. I had loads of order forms, reference photos and proof of postage receipts lying around, so I got everything organised today. All my completed commissions filed with copies of invoice, order form, reference photos and proof of postage. All my reference photos I have on my 'to do' list which are purely for my portfolio and not as commissions have been filed away and any original artwork I had has been filed too, not left lying around in my art pads. I also found two graphite drawings that I started last year, just for fun, which I am planning on getting finished, one is a Newfoundland, the other a Bengal cat. I am going to do those alongside the two coloured pencil portraits I have as commissions, as I tend to get frustrated with the speed of coloured pencil so it's good to work on a graphite portrait at the same time as they grow a bit quicker! I think I can also use them for the Pet Portrait Diploma course which is useful.

This afternoon, still in tidy up mode, I added three new Pet Portraits to my galleries - Rosie, Winney and the 3 Springer Spaniels. Here are the two galleries if you want a look:

Graphite Dogs Gallery
Coloured Pencil Dogs Gallery

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