Saturday, June 16, 2007

This one's got potential!

No pet portraits today, because I finally managed to get Steve to take me out! We went up a glen called Glen Loth and then to Kinbrace, along to Strathnaver, then Bettyhill then home again. It was a gorgeous drive, even though it was a bit grey. One of the reasons Steve took me out where he did was to show me a house he'd found that he thinks we should buy. It's not habitable, but it's in a beautiful location. Both of us would really love to buy an old cottage in the middle of no-where and either renovate it or re-build one in a traditional style, depending on the state of it. Whenever we go out and see an old ruin, it's like, 'that one's got potential!' I will show you photos of the one Steve likes at a later date, but here's one i've fallen in love with at Glen Loth:

Here's a close up - I think it might need a new roof and some windows!

It's got a kitchen sink...

....and an open fire. One at either end actually.

There's even a second house in the back garden

With a rayburn....

... and a sofa included!

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