Monday, July 16, 2007

A different kind of drawing

Today I have been drawing, but not pet portraits. As I said earlier, we are curently decorating and as well as decorating we have been looking at new kitchens. We can't afford one at the moment, however, it's the next thing on the list to be sorted. My ideal kitchen is going to have integral appliances, a flat hob, veg baskets that pull out of cupboards and.. saving the best till last..... a range oven. I love them, so much room and they just look brilliant!

On a more practical note - today I have been designing a kitchen we can actually afford and I spent this afternoon drawing a scale plan and colouring it in. It was great fun and everyone, including me, thought the end result was very good! I will scan it at some point, so you can all have a look.



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