Friday, August 10, 2007

Google Adsense

I have signed up today to Google adsense. It's basically a Google affiliate - type program, whereby I place adverts on my website and get paid a small amount if anyone clicks on them. When people sign up to Googles pay-per-click advertising, Adwords, my blog is one of the ones the adverts get displayed on. What I like about it is that only relevant adverts are displayed, depending on the content of the page, so I don't end up inadvertantly advertising any old rubbish. I don't know if it will make me any money, though it will be nice if it does, and if it doesn't I can just stop displaying them. I've only put a small section on the sidebar for them, as I didn't want them over-powering the blog and making it look like some sort of advertising site. I'm also thinking of adding them to my links pages on the website. They are the only pages I would be happy having them displayed, as I don't want the tone of the site lowered by adverts everywhere.

It was ever so easy to sign up to, I just did it straight from my blogger dashboard. The only problem I had was when I customised my colours it refused to display the red colours and displayed them as pink instead, for some stupid reason, hence why I had to go with the yellow!

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