Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ruth and Rosco

This Pet Portrait is a bit different from usual and a first for me. It includes the pet's owner. I was originally contacted to produce a pet portrait of Black Labrador Rosco, then was contacted again by my customer who explained that unfortunatley Rosco had just died and it was felt a portrait including Rosco and his owner Ruth would be more appropiate in the circumstances.

I am actually really excited about doing this and i have a lovely reference photograph to work from. It's not very bright, as it was starting to get dark when I took the photo but it gives you an idea. I've started the shading very lightly and left my grid lines in where the pencil will be dark and cover them up. I'm working from two copies of the photo on this one, I had to lighten it considerably to get some detail on Rosco so I have a super lightened copy for the dark bits and the original for the lighter bits and hopefully will manage to combine them to produce something good! Anyway - her they are, Ruth and Rosco:

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