Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back online

Well i'm eventually back online. I was very pleased to discover we could get broadband out here as it's in the countryside a bit, so I thought we might be restricted to dial - up. I think I would have gone raving mad putting up with that after years of broadband!! We are sort of settled in the new house, just the usual sort of teething troubles with buying an old house that's been empty for over a year! It's also smaller than the last one so finding room for everything has been fun.

But i'm officially back to work tomorrow with Pebbles' and co's portrait to complete and a graphite Springer Spaniel to start and complete by the end of the month. I will have some updates on Pebbles, Pickles and Arillus tomorrow.

I think i've finally changed my address details and telephone number on everything, including the website, which I did today. I'm having fun with my printer at the moment. It is printing, but very very slowly and the computer is telling me the document hasn't printed when it is actually printing. Hopefully it will survive for a bit longer and not pack up completely!

I am feeling very motivated at the moment, so my year is officially starting in February, not January like everyone elses! 2009 is going to be a year of artwork.

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