Sunday, May 03, 2009

Website updates

Again, I realised I hadn't been adding any of my new portraits to the galleries after completing them for the last few months, so have amended that this evening and have new portraits added to the Coloured Pencil Dogs and Graphite Pencil Dogs galleries.

I have also removed two sections completely from the website. One is the pets section which I simply never got round to doing anything with and the other is the shop. I did have one or two sales from the shop, but it wasn't really working as it was and I have a few ideas relating to the shop which I want to explore differently. As well as my art I also make cards and have recently begun to make jewellery so am thinking of setting up a shop to sell a combination of these items as well as original art and prints and keep Laura's Pet Portraits purely for the pet portraits.

I gave it a bit of a tidy up behind the scenes too and moved all the files i don't currently use off of my webspace to free up some space and also updated the copyright notice to say 2009, as it still said 2006!! So, all in all I have had a website spring clean and will be back to drawing tomorrow.


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