Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pet Portraits waiting list

I had an organisational day yesterday and started by writing out a list of the Pet Portraits I currently have outstanding. I have four on the waiting list, which are as follows:
  • A greyhound called Rosie, who I started ages ago and is a voucher portrait donated for a website auction in aid of Greyhound Rescue
  • A Westie named Jack
  • A Brittany Spaniel named Harry, who i've already started
  • A surprise for a Birthday

I'm really pleased with having 4 commissions on the list, that's the most i've ever had at one time, except for Christmas.

I also went through my emails ans sorted through the reciprocal link requests, I have quite a few through now, and am a bit fussy about who I swap with - I don't worry too much about the page rank but i'll only link to relevant sites and I don't link to those who send me emails without adding my link to their site first. I just think that's rude!! I had some going back to January!

I have also joined the bandwagon and got a myspace page. It's taking a while to get used to it - the navigation is just useless - i'm still ending up at my edit profile page by accident! I have worked out how to change the background and the fonts and I have a few friends now too. Here it is, just send a request if you'd like to be added as a friend.

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