Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Black cat portrait update

I have been busy today so not got a lot of artwork done, but managed to spend about an hour doing a little bit of Vada the cat's pet portrait. Here she is so far:

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At 1:27 am , Blogger Jules said...

Laura, how do you get your blacks so black? You said this is graphite - what type do you use? It's wonderful, by the way. At what point do you do the eyes?

At 1:26 pm , Blogger Laura said...

Hi Jules, thanks for your comment. I've got two different sets of graphite pencil - one is Derwent, the other Stabilo. It's the Stabilo ones i'm using on this. It's just a really dark pencil - 8B and several layers. I normally do the eyes first, but couldn't wait to get started on all that lovely black fur. I will probably do them before I go on to the body.

At 3:18 pm , Blogger Jules said...

Thanks, Laura. I use Faber Castell but I'll have to look at the Stabilo and others to see what difference there is between brands. When you do your layers, do you use any kind of fixative between? I find my work gets shiny if I build up too much graphite. Thanks for your tips! Your work is gorgeous.

At 5:32 pm , Blogger Laura said...

I don't use fixative. It's not that many layers, only two or three. The stabilo pencils seem softer than my Derwents. I've never tried Faber Castell. I looked at your blog. You have inspired me to try knitting - now to find some time to learn!!


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