Sunday, March 09, 2008

Work in progress - Taylor

I have been working on Taylor's portrait today. Taylor is a little Terrier cross and is having a 10" x 12" coloured pencil portrait.

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At 7:24 am , Blogger pennylittlebit said...

I had the pleasure of knowing and loving Taylor. I remember the first time I met him when his owner had just gotten Taylor. He sort of snuck out of where he was sitting and came to me and that was the start of our friendship. He had to know that I love animals and he was so special to me and for me. He was in my home many times.

Taylor knew my name, he knew when I lost a beloved cat and he ran into the house to comfort me. I will always love Taylor and looking at the portrait as it is now, seeing his eyes captured so well, knowing that I was able to share him and his life is some comfort to me. I will always love Taylor.


At 11:33 pm , Blogger Jeanette said...

Awwww, that little face! How sweet. This will be a lovely portrait.


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