Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's coming next...

As I have now finished my current commission, (pending comments from the customer of course!), I thought I might share what I've got on the drawing board.

I have a large coloured pencil commission with full background coming up. It's of a Golden Retriever which are one of my favourite breeds of dog ever. I need to get down the craft shop and buy a new drawing pad before I start that one though, as I have run out of paper!

As well as that, I have some Christmas piccies to work on, with a ratty theme! I have been asked, and of course accepted, to do some rat piccies that can be used for Christmas cards. They are for the Scottish Rat Club and the Yorkshire Rat Club, but both clubs will have different pictures provided, so both clubs will benefit from exclusive images (doesn't that sound posh!). I am also planning on doing some general pics that can be used for blank cards too, but Christmas comes first!

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