Saturday, May 21, 2011

Laura's Pet Portraits Website Re-design

I have recently uploaded the re-designed Laura's Pet Portraits website. It hasn't changed an awful lot - I have just tried to streamline it a little bit, just sticking to the essential pages and I have reduced the number of galleries to two, one for Pet Portrait Commissions and one for Original Artwork.

The Pet Portrait gallery now contains a selection of the variety of types of portrait I offer rather than showing all of the commissions I have completed as the last ones did.

The Original Artwork Gallery is to showcase the range of original art I complete. Anything that is for sale will be added to this gallery.

I have also changed the links pages, reducing that down to one page. I spent several hours going through my old links ensuring they still worked and that repicrocal exchanges were still in place. If anyone with a relevant website would like to take part in a reciprocal link exchange please add my details to your site (details on the links page) then contact me with your information.

Any comments on the new site are most welcome...

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