Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Christmas!

Hope you all had fun and are now looking forward to 2008! Now I won't be spoiling any surprises I can show you some of the pet portraits I completed as Christmas gifts.

These two beautiful yellow labrador's pet portraits were commissioned as gifts for the owners Mum. They went to America. The top one is Lib, the bottom one Biscuit. Both are 10" x 12" graphite portraits.

These two are elderly ladies Whisky and Poppy. They are both Golden Retrievers, which are one of my favourite dog breeds. This portrait is 18" x 24" graphite.

These two are Penny and Harry who took me an embarassingly long time to draw! I find white dogs in graphite really hard to do - I am a bit heavy handed with my shading so find it very difficult to be gentle and keep my tones pale. I'm pleased with how they turned out though and thankfully so was the customer. It's a 16" x 20" graphite portrait.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Millie Finished

I have now finished Millie's pet portrait. She is a stunning Yellow Labrador and has a 16" x 20" graphite Pet Portrait.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gift Voucher cards

In between working, drawing pet portraits and sleeping I have managed to fit in a card making evening class. We've done four weeks now and i'm loving it. I've had a few ideas about producing cards with my artwork on but didn't really know where to start, hence the class. It's also lovely to get out and have a chat with some different people.

I had the perfect opportunity to put my new skills to the test when a customer ordered a Gift Voucher and another ordered a Pet Portrait for January and wanted a card from me to give at Christmas as a gift. Because I don't have any Christmassy cards I made some. Here they are:

This one is the card confirming the January pet portrait

And this one is the Gift Voucher card.

The Cavalier Spaniel on them is one of my drawings. I'm actually pretty pleased with them. Maybe I'll get organised and make some to sell next year.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Pepsi and Ice finished

I finished Pepsi and Ice's pet portrait yesterday, but was unable to get decent pics due to lack of daylight! Here they are:

A close up of Ice, a white German Shepherd:

And a close up of Pepsi, a standard black and tan German Shepherd:

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pepsi and Ice - German Shepherds

Here are a couple of work in progress images from my latest pet portrait. It is a 16" x 20" graphite portrait of two German Shepherds. Here is the initial outline of the two:

And here is some of the work i've done on the first dog, Ice, who is a white German Shepherd:

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